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    About us

    About us


          KING TOOLS are Chinese Manufacturer & Trader, Our Export  Office are located in QINGDAO & WUXI , China, Produces a broad line of Power tools accessories, like: Abrasive tools ,Woodworking and Metalworking 

    cutting tools, Hole Saws, Drill Bits, Saw blades,  PPE,etc.

            KING TOOLS  has five main categories of products:

           (1) are Special in manufacture Bi-metal Hole Saws 

    and Carbon Steel Hole Saws and Carbide Grit Hole  Saws;

           (2) are Special in manufacture HSS Step Drills, HSS 

    Conical Drills, HSS Center Drills, HSS Countersink Drills 

    and others HSS  Nonstandard Cutting tools;

           (3) are special in manufacture Abrasive tools and other tools;

           (4) are special in manufacture HSS, Bi-metal, High Carbon Steel Jigsaw blade and others saw blades;

           (5) are special in manufacture Diamond Tools;

          KING TOOLS  have affiliated with some factories, so that we are also supply others woodworking and Metalworking cutting tools for our customer.

          Here, you can get superior quality and excellent credits. In addition, we provide you with accurate up-to-date information on all of your inquiries.

         KING TOOLS always does whatever it needs to ensure full customer's satisfaction. We adopt flexible ways in cooperation with our customers. We combine high technological standards with a positive approach to problem-solving and a commitment to continuous improvement: OEM services, demands in large quantity or few pieces and technical communication are all welcome.

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